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With all the home-made delicacies and selection of local products, foodies are spoiled for choice!

The suggested list is non-exhaustive and varies depending on the seasonal produce.


Duck foie gras terrine (plain, fig or morel mushrooms)
Duck foie gras in cloth (plain, fig or morel mushrooms)
Dried duck breast with spices
Duck terrine (with morel mushrooms, green pepper, orange, or spices)
Bison terrine with lemon grass
Country terrine
Vegetable terrine
Poultry or veal terrine with asparagus
Provençal terrine
Rabbit terrine with candied lemon and sundried tomatoes
Venison terrine with chestnuts and chanterelles
Pheasant terrine with figs and morello cherries
Partridge terrine with ceps and cranberries
Guinea fowl terrine with ceps
Salmon terrine with prawns
Farmhouse pie and mini farmhouse pies
Rillettes (duck, fresh and smoked salmon, crab, roasted poultry)
Salmon centre-cut marinated in dill and four pepper sauce


GRTA local products (pasta, green lentils, mustards, ketchups, sunflower, rapeseed and nut oils)
Olive oils and flavoured oils
Balsamic vinegar
Artisanal cured meats
Seafood products (sardines, soups, bisques, rillettes)
Wine and table items
To be ordered: caviar, black and white truffles, Mieral poultry